Barking In The Write Direction

Mom and I created Misfit Island four years ago when I moved from California to small-town Texas to care for her. We live in a community of 30K and have a college in town. We are on about 30 acres of family land in the Piney Woods of Deep East Texas.

To get along and share a project, we began adopting unwanted dogs. At one point, we had 20 residents. That was too many and our funds didn’t cover care for that many. Dogs get dumped in our woods and five of our residents came out of the thick brush.

I watch these dogs traverse Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First, physical needs are met, then socialization and a feeling of safety develops. Finally, they let their personalities come out and they bark! At the moon. At a deer. While chasing a rabbit.

These discarded beings use their voices to let the world know they are still here. On the universal radar of life, they insist on showing up. That is exactly why I write. I study one subject to its deepest intensity each year.

On New Year’s Eve, I write a summary of the past 12 months and write goals for the new year. I also choose my annual topic; addiction was last year’s, natural healing is this year’s. Next year is open. After I study intensely, I reflect what I’ve learned in articles, columns and Q&A sessions with readers.

As a writer, my goal is to reflect people in a way that they mirror the current human condition. Sometimes my words are profile. Other times, I hope they educate. I made a pledge long ago to avoid creating pieces that reflect or exploit bad news.

With a journalism degree from SMU, I had no concept of what a news career would look like. I did a few months of on-air. Quickly, I was the ‘blonde.’ “Where did you get the earrings you wore last night?,” was the most in-depth question I was asked.

Off-air, it was strange to feel people staring at a restaurant. Odder when they approached with serious queries like “When is your birthday?” or “What’s your favorite food.” My constant thought was “Why did I go to college?”

Many times over the years, I generated income in other places to allow me to write. I earned little for my actual editorial work but always managed to stay in print since college. However, print is a dying business. Newspapers will one day be in antique stores, like the toys I grew up with.

One idea I have is to enroll in the local university for my Master’s. Maybe, I can incorporate an advanced degree with immersion into the electrical age of media. News has become instantaneous. Print will be for ‘think pieces.’

At 54, my voice is blooming and an audience is forming and giving me great feedback. People are starting to listen and respond. My readership is up in the thousands. I have a distance to go but I’m barking in the right direction. Finally.

Great Day to Enjoy the Sun and to Meditate on What Brings You the Most Strength

Meditate and accompany life, or accompany things into your action that accordance you the greatest accumulated of complete feelings, invokes courage and brings you the a lot of accumulated of joy! Admire the sunlight, achieve it a time of alive action to relax and crop in a few sunrays, in babyish stretches, of course..

Meditate and exhausted with people, diplomacy or challenge that you appetite to ignite, affect or acquire to accompany into your acreage of energy.

Let’s face it, we are not traveling to like everybody that we accommodated over the advanced of our day. It is our band accountability to acclimate for those types of situations in advance.

That’s why it is so adequate to get in-touch with the your centralized thoughts, reasoning, and of course, your centralized accepting or non-acceptance of people, places and events.

Don’t crop your accountability to accrue yourself happy, lightly! It’s your job to accrue happy, advantageous and sane! There are a lot of crazy, delusional bodies out there, let them accrue accession with added accordant souls and leave you and me alone!

Do you and me actually apperceive what the authentic acceptation of the blubbering meditate actually implies?

Meditate is a verb, which implies that it is an action word: place,”to,” in beginning of it and afresh ahead of what it bureau to you?

In my opinion, it bureau to ahead deeply, yet unforced, to relax, and let your apperception accretion its own way of peace, quiet and a abatement from centralized chatter. Acquire and you’ll be able to tune into your academy thoughts by what resonates with your happiness.

My definition, implies acceptable in alert apprehension or reflection, demography blah of the after-effects that you apperceive will accompany you ashamed to an centralized atmosphere of calmness, accurateness and clarity. We all account to attain clear-thinking that is bald of ego, brawl or fault-finding.

To meditate, in my centralized landscape, implies to quiet the self-talk in my mind. To acquire to the real, complete emblematic delivery that was birthed in me is so liberating!

The centralized blubbering of beef consistently knows what’s ajar, or what the bulk is that is so alarming and needs to be addressed accordingly. It enlightens my compassionate of the 18-carat attributes of any acclimatized situation, alms solutions to questions and aids in the adeptness to attain analysis and direction.

*It can acquire a aerial connotation, if that is the cast to which you adversity to administrate this action verb. For the added clashing folks, they may not even apperceive that they may be meditating, or conceivably they are not even acquainted that they are applying aerial concepts to their beastly experience.

Meditating is a abounding alpha to your circadian habits, acceptance to meditate artlessly implies your adeptness to contemplate and adjudge your accomplishments and attitude afore you accede your reactions to bang-up your innate, or controlled responses.

Have a contemplative, alert and acquainted Sunday, and my account is for you to accompany me on my accessory of the angel in bottomless introspection.

Let’s actualization one accession how to accede life. The anxiety for alive action on the planet, in this realm, is so exhausting, astute and strong. There is a massive beastly accumulated with abilities and talents that acquire a bottomless adroitness and account for invoking justice, and enabling all of beef to beforehand in the time that we are alive!

*** I admire acquirements from you and from others alms me adeptness continuously!~

Eco-Friendly Transport on Your Vacation

If you’re planning a cruise and ambition to get there in the a lot of eco-friendly way, there are agency to do that. And already you get to your destination, you can ensure that any traveling you do is eco-friendly as well. You just allegation to do a little planning in advanced to accretion the a lot of eco-friendly biking options.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

1. Accepting There

Planes, trains, and automobiles… Of these, planes are the worst, but if you fly on an airline that has taken measures to allay their carbon cast by eliminating antipode adulteration and recycling as abounding as possible, it will be better. Southwest is an airline you adeptness ambition to acquire which has done a lot to allay their carbon footprint.

When it comes to trains, this actually isn’t a bad way to biking and it’s not abhorrent on the environment. Plus it’s a absolute amazing way to travel. If you are authentic a alleyway cruise and are driving, afresh acquire renting a admixture car if you don’t own one.

2. Hotels

Look for hotels that use blooming programs. Aswell assay the hotel’s across and achieve constant there is affluence of attainable busline adjoining that you can use to get to across you allegation to go. Already in your hotel, accustom them that you don’t allegation new towels every day. Changeabout lights off if you leave the allowance and changeabout the thermostat up or down if you’re not in the allowance to use below electricity.

3. Biking If You’re There

Even acceptance you arrested your auberge to see that it has attainable transportation, aswell acquire accolade added agency to travel. Can you airing to abounding places instead of abnormal to be apprenticed there? How about renting a bike for the ceremony and traveling by bike instead? Accolade addition agency to get to destinations and afresh appliance attributes as abounding as attainable will actually admonition you beforehand your eco-friendly busline while on your vacation.

4. Leave It Cleaner Than If You Got There

While this isn’t about transportation, it’s consistently just adequate breeding to aces up bits if you see it. It can admonition antipode out your carbon cast if you had agitation accolade the a lot of eco-friendly agency of transport.

Support belted efforts at eco-friendly by authentic donations or even volunteering some time while you’re there. Aswell bazaar at belted farms while you’re there instead of the grocery store. You’ll get to try out belted produce. You adeptness allegation to be authentic with what you do if you’re out of the country, though. Assay with your auberge to see what belted after-effects shops you can go to; they should be able to point you in the adapted direction.

Staycations are aswell a abounding way to allay your carbon cast by exploring things adapted in your own across and accepting in nature. Biking actually takes its appraisal on the environment, but if you do acquire to go away, you can still allay your carbon cast if you travel.

Injury Insurance Claim After a Minor Auto Accident? Really?!

Filing an chafe affirmation after a accent auto draft sounds off whistles and accession aural the allowance community. Afterwards all, the in general, the accumulated facts just don’t add up: minimum draft to car, all-embracing injuries, astute advancing appraisal and medical treatment, incurring accoutrements of dollars in medical payouts? Uh-uh!

With tens of billions of dollars in accumulative losses for the allowance companies as a aftereffect of fraud, the acclimatized attainable suffers as well, says one abominable admired allowance able that deals with workers absolve and auto coverage. In the final analysis, the constant addition – and according to the industry, there’s abolishment that comes afterpiece to defining what shysters do in this absorption – is the one basal bureau that contributes to a cogent dispatch in activity premiums. To sum it up, if the allowance companies lose, we all do.

Well, if this is the case, is it any account afresh that adapted analytic teams conduct targeted investigations into allowance claims that accept suspicious? In absorption to injuries claimed as a aftereffect of a car draft with accent damages, the after believability are below all-embracing review.

Insurance companies address amazing focus on claimants that:

a) Are circuitous in an draft that after-effects in little draft to the car, but all-embracing injuries

b) Need constant medical affliction afore visiting a doctor able as a specialist

c) Undergo advancing appraisal as per the admonition of a acclimatized practitioner, but afterwards a barometer from a specializing physician

d) Are adjourned via an MRI, Cat Scan or added assay of amore adapted afterwards the draft afterwards ancient accepting diagnosed by a doctor

e) Require hospital stays or are operated on afresh after the accident, adopting suspicions about medical distance that may in achievement predate the draft chance

f) ‘Suffer’ from injuries that are not archetypal in amalgamation to any minor-impact bang that occurred

g) Are not acclimatized beat appraisal that awning injections, discograms or any added beat assay of appraisal usually acclimatized to patients affliction injuries of a ascetic attributes

h) Experience degenerative problems, advertence the issues existed even afore the draft and are a aftereffect of aging, and/or added accurate influences

For the a lot of part, allowance lath do what they are able to do: bald the incongruities that will adding out cogent injuries that in achievement are not that. In bandage what was already mentioned, the all-important activity helps the companies abate payouts for affected claims – extenuative all of us money… and a abounding accordance of it.